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Leeds Glass Recycling

Recycling By Design is dedicated to shifting the focus from waste as a weight towards really being a valuable resource, in accordance with the European Waste Framework Directive, and to help customers to significantly reduce waste to landfill.


Glass may be recycled forever without losing any of its properties — this conserves valuable natural resources and also conserves energy and reduces emissions of carbon dioxide.

Working in partnership with local authorities and companies throughout the Leeds and wider Yorkshire, Leeds Waste Management continues to help its customers, large and little, to recycle waste glass, cutting costs and enhancing environmental performance.

Recycling By Design gathers around 80,000 tonnes of glass for recycling each year.

Glass recycling Leeds

Recycling By Design glass recycling service is easy and efficient, helping customers to achieve virtually 100% diversion from landfill.

Glass collections are scheduled on a weekly or fortnightly service and may also be arranged on an ad-hoc basis in accordance with customer requirements.

Leeds glass recycling

Organisations that need only small quantities of glass to be recycled, can use Recycling By Design’s Dry Combined Recycling (DMR) service. Business customers for example hotels, pubs and clubs who produce substantial volumes of glass waste will take advantage of another collection and recycling service.

Recycling By Design supplies containers to make recycling glass waste simple — a fleet of purpose designed collection vehicles does the rest. It all adds up to a straightforward, economical and hassle-free service which saves time along with cash.

All of these glass container kinds can be put into one container:


Using specialist recycling and re-processors companies, Recycling By Design ensures all waste glass is reused or recycled into brand new, single colour glass packaging — none is recycled as aggregate.

Recycling By Design’s strategy to deliver a sustainable future

We are keen to promote waste as a priceless resource consistent with the European Waste Framework Directive.

Our experienced team operate more than 200 recycling and renewable energy sites in the UK offering municipal and company waste solutions for companies of all sizes.

Recycling By Design are business leaders in Energy from Waste with EfW treatment facilities.
We work in partnership with local authorities, schools and community groups to raise consciousness of the need for a more sustainable future.

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