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Leeds Composting

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Most gardeners and farmers are aware of the benefits of applying compost to earth. Compost made from green stuff is an excellent way of putting organic matter and nutrients back into the soil.
All our compost products are rich in organic matter, with no chemical additives, and are locally produced to BSI PAS 100.

As an perfect natural soil improver, our compost offers these benefits:

Gives structure & texture
Moisture retention
Organic matter content
Nutrient value
Improves richness in drained or un-worked soils
Loosens clay soils
Provokes healthy root growth

Leeds composting

We offer three types of composting products which are perfect for your requirements. These are:

Landscaping Blend (0-10mm)
Agriculturual Blend (0-30mm)

We produce two levels of compost; our 10mm grade is a fine compost used on gardens and lawns. Whereas our 30mm is a rougher grade and is best used for new landscaping, vegetable growing, harvest improvement and website development; it is ideal for agricultural purposes. Each grade holds its own value determined by the type of application it is required for.

Recommended uses & recommendations:


A layer of 50mm is suggested for beds, borders, fruit gardens and orchards. It can be gently worked into the surface or left as mulch.

Turf Putting

Readily worked and levelled when preparing the earth for turfing. A layer of 25-50mm raked into the surface will assist initial development and give a slow nutrient release below the grass.

Top Dressing — Yards and Pitches

Scatter as required, up to a maximum of 25kg per 10m2 or 25 tonnes per hectare.

Earth Improvement — Drained and Newly Dug Soils

Spread up to 100mm and rotavate / plough into the soil surface.

Land Blending / Mixing

Blend 40% compost with 60% land to supply a multi purpose soil merchandise.

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