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Hazardous Waste Leeds

Most businesses will encounter the problem of hazardous waste disposal, from disposing of asbestos and batteries to paint tins, fridges and freezers.? At Recycling By Design, we understand how tricky it can be to dispose of your hazardous waste in a cost-effective and legal way. We offer a reliable and low cost hazardous waste disposal service, tailored to meet your company’s requirements and dispose of your waste economically and safely.


Hazardous waste can consist of anything from chemical waste and clinical waste to aerosols and weed killer. A vital part of any organisation that handles these materials is the segregation and disposal of this waste.We can take care of this for you by determining your needs and providing your business with specialised bins.

Unlike other waste management services, we will provide you with free bins to provide you with an even cheaper service. We offer a range of bins for free, from hazardous waste bins to colour-coded sharps bins and more. To speak to our team of waste management experts, call 0113 347 2120.


Recycling By Design operates a free detailed waste audit to determine the best way to save your company time and money by disposing and managing your hazardous waste. We work with your company to meet your individual needs and provide an expert, specialised service.

Recycling By Design can help you dispose of your waste cheaply and in accordance with confusing environmental laws. For free advice today call us on 0113 347 2120.


Recycling By Design offers free, no obligation quotes within 1 hour.

You could save up to 30%! If you would like to find out how Recycling By Design could save your company money, call 0113 347 2120 for a free quote today.

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