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Clinical Waste Leeds

Many companies face the difficulties of disposing of clinical or healthcare waste. Recycling By Design understands that disposing of clinical waste can be confusing and time consuming. We operate a reliable, low cost clinical waste disposal service so that we can take care of your clinical waste for you.

Could Recycling By Design save your company time and money?

A wide range of organisations qualify as waste producers, from nursing homes and nurseries to tattoo shops and medical or dental practices and many more. Have you got clinical or healthcare waste that you need to dispose of but aren’t sure how? Call 0113 347 2120 for advice today and speak to our team of expert clinical waste specialists in Leeds. 


Recycling By Design will supply you with free bins for your business or organisation. Clinical waste can include swabs and dressings, syringes, drugs, anything containing animal or human tissue or blood, and many more types of waste. We are able to segregate your clinical waste and arrange safe collection and environmentally-friendly, zero landfill disposal.


Unsure what free specialised bins your company requires? We offer a free audit to determine your business’s individual needs and work with you to offer you what you need: free colour-coded sharps bins, or flexible daily, weekly or fortnightly collections. To enquire about your free detailed audit, call us on 0113 347 2120.


Recycling By Design also offers free quotes with no obligation within 1 hour. Call us today for a free quote – you could save 30%.

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